“Show Offs” New Fringe Contemporary Art Show at Church View Centre

Today, I’m exhibiting 3 drawings at “Show Offs” the New Fringe contemporary art show at Church View Centre, Doncaster. I’ve been a member of the Fringe Since 2006 after my favourite art world lady Karen Sherwood of the Cupola Gallery in Sheffield launched the group. There was literally no art scene back then in Doncaster.

Over 2012 we have collaborated on many projects easily some of the best in Doncaster and we are trying to secure Church View the former art college as a home for our growing art scene. I’ll hopefully be opening up a studio space there next week over the summer.

On Monday me and Jo Carline will be putting together a live art installation relating to our project GoGo Gambia sharing art work made by the students at Brufut Upper School and photographs documenting the project over the last two years.

The show runs until the Thursday 30th May where we will be hosting a closing party. Hope you can make it down ❤

Photography copyright of Martin Pick and Steve Batesy.



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