Drawing Vs Connective Aesthetics

After a good three years doodling, I’ve finally begun working up my drawings into finished pieces. There is something really folksy about my new work and I think it come from being settled in Doncaster where a lot of the artist work in traditional media.

After reading “Re-Mapping The Cultural Terrain” edited by Suzanne Lacy in 2005, I totally gave up on the idea that the artist needs to work in a 2D 3D format. Inventions, installations, film and even a campaign were my chosen format.

On a conceptual level projects my projects such as Pin the Pits, GoGo Gambia, The Telling and Just Like You weaving together stories, people and places to produce social political works aimed a social change. It’s a big part if what I do and “Art in Action” definitely gives me the kicks but then so does drawing a kitsch picture of an owl.

Whilst studying for my BA I was told my practice was part of the “Connective Aesthetics” art movement. Now 6 years on, I don’t solely want my work to seek to change the world, as ambitious as it sounds, I really did back then. For now, there is something in these drawings I want to take forwards. Twee as it may seem in comparison to my old work sometimes I just want to draw.

Juju Chicken Prayer (2013)


Owl and Self Portrait 1984 (2013)



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