Stories from the Arts & Crafts Table

It’s been four years since I began my Friday job at John’s Hospice devising arts and crafts activities with patients.


Everyone who attends Day Hospice gets the chance to take part in arts & craft activities. It’s not an arts class but a chance for those interested to get inspired and create something. It’s important that people get the chance to work on a project that’s uniqure to them. This could be a gift for a family member or friend or to try something they’ve never had the chance to do. Sometimes I work with artists that have stopped making art due to their illness. The hospice gives people the chance to get back into their work. The benefits of art and health are well documented.

Here’s a group painting from a few years back. Even staff and volunteers got involved… including some who had never painted before.

It should be worth a bob or two.

We often get work experience students at the Hospice so this gives me the opportunity to test their creative skills. I remember one  aspiring medical student spending the whole afternoon working with a patient passionate about painting. They created a wonderful demi-abstract still life. He was so pleased and inspired he wanted to take a picture to show his mum.


All work experience students love the Hospice and  want to come back to volunteer. The atmosphere is very positive and the team work hard to ensure all patients have an enjoyable day and get all the help they need.

This gentleman wanted to create a ceramic sheep for his wife who is  a member of the Guild of Weavers. Looks like the sheep been sheared. 🐏


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