“Fake It Till You Make It” Doncopolitan Issue 1 Editorial

Screen Shot 2016-12-29 at 15.37.54.png

A couple of years ago the rag-tag band of local artists who would go on to become the founders of Doncopolitan magazine took a piece of advice from Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler and ‘faked it’ until one day, as the magazine you now have in your hand proves, we finally made it. We were sick of being told that “Doncaster’s a cultural desert” or “now’t ever happens around here”, when the truth was that we were meeting – and being entertained by – talented people on a daily basis. We had to prove the naysayers wrong and we hope this printed vessel stands as a vindication for every artist, musician, creative, maker and artisan in Doncaster who has ever been overlooked by an art world too blind – or too blinkered – to recognise a good thing when it saw it.

The thing is that we, like many of the visionaries who feature in this magazine, see Doncaster a little differently. Staring up and out from the streets – rather than down and through an academic lens – we saw a town full of other lost creative souls all eager to find the ear or eye of like-minded people – everyday Doncaster people with hardworking lives who just happen to do something utterly bloomin’ wonderful in their spare time.

We realised early on that if we could create a big enough horn to shout through, then we could bring all of those lost creative souls of Doncaster together. International street art star Phlegm came to town and with a big tin of white emulsion and black spray paint he blessed us with a rather large horn mural in the courtyard of Church View, the former art school behind the Minster.


People came from far and wide to see this huge mural and we all felt that a change was in the air. Since then we’ve been hanging out at Church View Centre and other creative venues across our beloved Doncopolitan – beautifully captured by Dr Mutley from the former Coal House (page 13) – with one thing on our mind: to build a Bohemia in the best little city in England.

This issue is titled ‘Fake It Till You Make It’ because if we can do it, then so can you.

Read the full issue HERE


Doncopolitan magazine will big up anything which has the potential to add to Doncaster’s metropolitan appeal. We’ll celebrate Doncaster’s culture, arts, style, music, people, fashion, lifestyle, architecture and even, in the words of Warren Draper, “its coal black underbelly”. If you’re a local artist, musician, writer, photographer, fashionista, socialite or social commentator, and have something to contribute to this magazine, please get in touch. Online: doncopolitan.wordpress.com @TheLudicLife @rachelhorne Write to us: Doncopolitan Magazine Church View Centre Church View Doncaster DN1 1AF

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