New Podcast: Sounding The Horne…


Back in 2019 I met Raj from Madaan Media via the Artists Co-op at Cast. This top lad suggested I created a podcast on my life and work.

Some people might remember Doncopolitan started out as a radio show back in 2011 and we’ve put out a few podcasts over the years. BUT this is weird for me, it’s my own podcast, like me Rachel Horne not Doncopolitan.

Doncopolitan is an arts & culture magazine I co-founded with Warren Draper in 2010. Since then we have done sooo much stuff: events, festivals, exhibition, brought street art to Doncaster, started an Urban Farm. This work has been my life for the last 10 years. It’s been a crazy chapter.

The last two years have been really tough for me and Warren; reasons that I’ll explain in the podcast. For me, it’s to do with trying to navigate arts funding, hustling for advert sales, whilst working at the hospice doing art therapy.

You’ve probably seen on our socials we announced recently we’re on sabbatical. Basically, we need to reconfigure everything we’re working on; we need some time to reflect on what we’ve done, where our work is going. Please help us on this journey, if our work has impacted you in some way, please email or message us. We need your words and thoughts right now. We need our community to hold us up.

Anyhow, Sounding The Horne is something new for me. It’s about sharing my life and this journey with you. Thank you to everyone that’s supported me over the last few months and two years (you know who you are) sometimes it’s hard to process the journey I’ve been on and the work I do.

My mum always said I had to do things my own way. She was sooo right.

 P.S. If you’ve enjoyed my Podcast and follow my work and the content I create online you to can support by becoming a Doncopolitan Patreon. Collectively our work is about giving creatives, activist and residents a voice. It is helping me to create this Podcast and work closely with Rajnish my producer.

From as little as £3 per month you can helping to fuel our movement without us having to rely on grants, which can often be a massive distraction and hugely draining. Follow this link to join and I’ll be in touch. R:)

Support Sounding The Horne Podcast and Doncopolitan

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