Sounding The Horne Podcast Update…

This is the second and third episodes of my podcast that I created over a month ago but I haven’t had a chance to write and explain what’s going on and why I’ve stalled releasing it.

My first Podcast talked a lot about my life and work in Doncaster, what Warren Draper and I, tried to create and how we struggled to find a way to hold it all together.

At that time, my now producer Rajnish Madaan, encouraged me to create my first Podcast to express how I felt and let people know the journey I’d been on with my work. I’m so grateful that he created his platform for me.

The Podcast has been the start of something new,  I’m still overwhelmed by the amount of people that tuned in to hear me speak. It’s 239 on my Soundcloud, the response through emails, texts and phone calls was also really affirming. I need to be brave and do this more.  

Then the pandemic happened, me and Raj worked briefly with the Guardian, I started making a short film about my life.  OMG I wanna make films now! Thanks Big G.

Then thanks to Rosie Clark who works at Cast in Doncaster,  Doncopolitan  received a grant from Arts Council England to support Doncopolitan for the following six months. It was called a Covid-19 Emergency Fund.  It took a pandemic to save Doncopolitan. That is kinda hilarious and ironic all at the same time. I’m really grateful to Rosie and the Arts Council ❤

Doncopolitan is now in the process of being totally reimagined so it can become a different thing online that continues to promote artists and creatives.

We’re developing a monthly newsletter instead of a print magazine, we’ve been curating a digital version of our Doncopolitan Crawl, commissioning artists to create, share content and write for us. We’re trying to re-do our website, up our SEO game, we’re working on our online shop, we’ve set-up a Patreon so we can stay independent and hopefully build our following that will support Doncopolitan to continue. 

Aa lot has been going on. I’ve not even mentioned what’s been going on at the hospice but you can read a story HERE by Kylie Noble, as I ended up getting featured in a magazine in Belfast during the pandemic. Life has been crazy, hasn’t it?

Anyhow, tah dah! This is my second and third Podcast. Better late than never.

Episode 3  is the REALLY important one, I invite Raj my producer to talk racism and his experience. It’s hard for me to even think about listening back to it because I get so much wrong in it. Like I wrap, so much of my own experiences of classism into BLM that is cringy and wrong. I think this is what other people from my background are doing too. Like somehow thinking we understand or that our struggle should be listened too as well. It’s not about us right now. But classism and racism intersect and we need to talk about that more too.

For me, I am so grateful for the BLM movement, it’s created a space for people talk about their experiences in away that’s never happened before. I’m so grateful for it. I’m grateful for this conversation with Raj and he’s openness, I’m glad he told me “I don’t want you to be my white saviour” those words have changed me. That’s not an easy thing to say to a well intentioned white person.

This it’s the start of more conversations and somehow and we need to keep going with all this. Most importantly this Podcast highlighted to me, I will fight classism and racism till the day I die. I will be taking my banners to the demos and shouting like a crazy lady.

Solidarity really matters right now, we can’t do it alone but together, we can change shit.

This little podcast changed me. let me know what you think?

Rach x

A new experimental podcast from Rach this month, exploring storying telling and spoken words, themes around impermanence, the pandemic, and the North South divide.
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