I’m a visual artist exploring social political issues in Modern Britain. At the root of my practice I am constantly drawing and writing as a way to understand and navigate the world around me.

My earliest work in 2006, explored my identity as a miners’ strike baby. I curated a memorial light installation on a former slag heap, whilst running a campaign called Pin The Pits to get colliery sites re-marked on Ordinance Survey Maps. In 2008 I spoke in parliament to cabinet members and MPs on the importance of preserving working class history.

From 2010-2022 I co-founded Doncopolitan with anarchist, photographer, writer and environmentalist Warren Draper. We published 38 print magazine, often printing 3000- 5000 copies and distributing them for free to homes across Doncaster. We worked with countless local artists and designers and helped to raise awareness to the importance of the arts and creative industries.

In 2019 our work caught the attention of The Guardian, where I was interviewed by journalist John Harrison. From there in 2020-2022 I co-produced a film with Guardian film maker John Domokos titled “Made In Doncaster: I am Not Your Subject” which documented my life and two other female activists. I also wrote a piece on Brexit and working class communities and their representation in national media titled; How we can change the way we tell stories about ‘the north’.

During this time, from 2012 -2021 I also worked part-time in palliative care an arts practitioner within the NHS. This lead me to study a Master in Art Psychotherapy at Goldsmiths in London, whereby I won an excellence scholarship. In 2023 I will qualify as a registered mental health care professional. I’m currently working as a trainee therapist alongside developing my art practice.

Whilst transitioning into a new life in Manchester, I’m drawing and painting, under the alias of Buffey Horne. I’m exploring a new chapter as a solo practitioner whilst working on a podcast called Sounding The Horne which combines my poetry, storytelling and singing.

This site is an evolving archive of my artwork. It’s patchy and work-in progress, please bare with me.

Rach/Buffey ❤

Thank you to all those who have supported my work over the years.

Artist Rachel Horne
Artist Rachel Horne
Artist Rachel Horne
Artist Rachel Horne

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