Welcome to my site, I’m a visual artist, who curates and produces social political artwork. At the root of my practice I am constantly drawing and writing as a way to understand and navigate the world around me.

I’m studying an Art Psychotherapy MA at Goldsmiths in London, whilst living in Manchester.

Over the last 12 years I co-founded Doncopolitan a print magazine creative studio and festival. I’m now a non-executive director of the organisation, having passed the baton on to a new creative team.

My most well done artwork, I explored my identity as a miners’ strike baby, much of my work explores working class issues and the treatment of working class people in Modern Britain. In 2006 I curate a memorial light installation on a former slag heap, whilst running a campaign to get colliery sites re-marked on Ordinance Survey Maps. In 2008 I spoke about the campaign in parliament to cabinet members and MPs. In 2020 I sold a piece of art from this collection to Doncaster Museum and Art Gallery where it is on permanent display.

In 2021 I co-produce a film with the Guardian titled “Made In Doncaster” which documented my life and two other female activists. It’s been view 132K times HERE.

This site is an evolving archive of my artwork. It’s patchy and work in progress, please bare with me.

Thanks for finding me, don’t hesitate to get in-touch.

Rach x

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