Behind the scenes of my more public socially engaged work and activism, I have been drawing, writing and painting for 10 years. All these artworks, have been experimental and hidden. Yet, I feel an urgency to create them to communicate my thoughts on the human condition. I am moving towards creating artworks and materials that are aligned to the principles of Biophilia and circular design systems. This means re-inventing what it means to be a practicing artist in 2023 for future generations. This change will re-shape in my art practice and therapeutic work with young people. My artworks come from an urgency to create but at what cost? To make biophilic art means to have a “love of life and all living things” what should this new contemporary art practice look like? What is the life and death cycle of art? Should we want our work to live forever? Or its that our Western way of seeing life and death as linear not circular, what should the art practice of painting, drawing and writing look like in 100 years? Should it make waste or soil?!

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